JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION: Call for Action on proposed changes to Land Planning and Land Development Ordinances, Please read and attend the Council Meetings. Follow the link for more information. WE MUST MAKE CHAGES BEFORE IT PASSES TO LOWER DENSITIES AND TRAFFIC IMPACT

Proposed Draft Ordinance Amendment’s

Planning & Development Services has been working to improve our ordinances and appreciate your assistance as we work through these important items. We will be continuing to identify deficiencies within our ordinances and listening to feedback from elected and appointed officials, members of the development community, residents, and other stakeholders to continue to improve our ordinances to better address the needs of the County.

The following is a tentative adoption schedule:

  • August 10, 2015:           Planning Commission Recommendation
  • August 17, 2015:           Council First Reading
  • September 8, 2015:       Council Second Reading with Public Hearing
  • September 21, 2015:     Council Third Reading

Broker in Charge David McCorkle and former Planning Commission Member has been working on an advisory Committee along with other Residence and Stakeholder to advise Council on proposed changes to the Ordinances to reduce Traffic and Development impact in the greater Lake Wylie area. We will be proposing changes and our own overlay to the Ordinance before it’s passed like lot sizes and erosion control



This years Music Fest takes on a different twist this year and is being held at The Lake Wylie Red Fez Club on the NC side of the Lake near the bridge. Patrons will be able to anchor up or come by land to see 8++Bands playing from 1:00 PM till dark and there will be a Craft Beer Extravaganza sponsored by Lake Wylie’s Sweetwater Bar and Grill. LOG ON

Music Fest

Lake Wylie Waterfront Fireworks Display 2015

YMCA Camp Thunderbird will be having their annual fireworks display Friday the 4th starting around 9:30 PM everyone is encouraged to donate to the cause. Please send checks to YMCA Camp Thunderbird . One Thunderbird Lane Lake Wylie SC 29710 Viewing is available at the Lake Wylie Realty Office parking lot for more info please call David McCorkle at 704-309-1549

Lake Wylie Realty’s BIC David McCorkle talks improvements in the Charlotte Obser

The June 7th Home Design section in the Charlotte Observer featured an article by Broker in Charge of Lake Wylie Realty David McCorkle on Home improvements as they relate to decks, porches, patios and outdoor living spaces read the article click on the link  Home Design

Riverpointe Home featured in Home Design Magazine

The May 30th edition of the Charlotte Observer Magazine Home Design features our Riverpointe listing

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Lake Wylie Real Estate, Charlotte Observer 11/15/14

By Allen Norwood: Special to the Charlotte Observer 11/15/14

Realtor Don Stephens of Lake Wylie Realty admits that the boom in Lake Wylie home sales last month caught him a bit by surprise. Sales up more than 64 percent? In October, when the summer lake season should be winding down?

He has been selling homes on the lake for more than three decades, and has never seen anything quite like it.

“I don’t think it through too much, though. I just try to stay by the phone.”

Lake Norman and Lake Wylie saw strong sales in October, according to this week’s report from Carolina Multiple Listing Services. Sales, or closings, at Norman were up more than 50 percent from the same month last year. Impressive, but Wylie did better, with sales up 64.3 percent, tops in the entire regional report.

To add a bit of perspective, sales in Charlotte rose by 9.8 percent and sales for the full MLS were up 13.3 percent.

Why Lake Wylie, and why now?

Stephens, who’s with Lake Wylie Realty, points to several factors: Interest rates, especially on large loans, remain a bargain. New roads and shopping centers provide access to the airport and to upscale stores and restaurants.

Wealthy retirees, for instance, can choose the lakefront lifestyle without giving up other things that are important to them. “We’re not way out in the country like we used to be,” Stephens said.

They can choose the lakefront lifestyle and still be just minutes away from their grandchildren in Charlotte. “Probably 50 percent of the business I do has a grandkid component,” he said.

Most of those retirees are relocating from other parts of the country, he said, and most find him online.

It has been years since Wylie was “the river” flanked by the simple “cabins” that longtime Charlotteans remember so fondly. Large homes have gone up, just as they have on Norman.

“Lake Norman has dominated the market for $1-million-plus homes for a long time,” he said. “We see that starting to change here pretty quickly. Nobody builds anything little anymore.”

As waterfront lot prices go up, homes get bigger. Lots of buyers – and some lenders – follow a rule of thumb that the lot price ought to account for about a quarter of the total value, Stephens said. So if the lot sells for $250,000, the new house ought to cost $750,000 – and there’s another $1 million place on the lake.

Low interest rates on jumbo loans make that even more attainable.

Add one more crucial factor – “There’s a new sense of optimism in the market that was absent,” Stephens said – and you see sales climb 64.3 percent.


frozen lake 2©

This Photo, courtesy of Sandee Wilkerson  was taken around 1931 on Highway 49. This is the original Buster Boyd Bridge showing a frozen Lake Wylie. Old timers along with other Historians can’t remember another time this has occurred. For more information call the Waterfront Team.


Waterfront and off Water Sales Report 2013

Lake Wylie Waterfront Home Sales  from 1/1/2013 to 12/31/2013  in the two State three County Lake area were exactly the same in 2013 as they were in 2012 both coming in at 89 Closings. Sales of existing Waterfront Homes are still below the  pre recession sales pace of 109 sales in 2005 which had a average sales price of $533,000.00, median sales price in 2012 was $591,000 compared to the  2013 average closing  price of $586,000, prices per square foot are almost equal, median days on the market have improved to 90 from 124 in 2012.

Sales in the River Hills Community were 52 for an average of $330,000 compared to 05 when there were 62 sales with an average of  $330,000.

In general the entire Lake Wylie Market has rebounded back to 2007 levels of approximately 520 Closings.  It is a excellent time to shop for Homes and  Waterfront properties in the Lake Wylie area while prices are still somewhat stable. Call the Lake Wylie Realty Man Team.



Lake Wylie Realty Waterfront property reports only 4 closing so far this Month December 2013 on the entire Lake compared to a low of 5 through December 2012 David McCorkle is principle Broker and Partner of Lake Wylie RealtyRiver Hills Marina view from water

York County Planning Commission Votes to Deny Lake Wylie area Plan

The Planning Commission of York County has voted to recommend denial of the Lake Wylie area plan. The effect of the lack of planning will have a great effect on Lake Wylie area Homes for sale and all Lake Wylie Property values