More Parks on the Ballot

When you head to the polls this fall, residents of Lake Wylie will vote on a new special tax district to help buy land that will create more parks in the area. The vote will decide if a special tax district will be created or not. This is similar to the decision already made where residents were taxed for the recreation park.

York County Council met and adopted a resolution to certify a public petition. The result of the resolution is that the new tax district will be up for a vote on the general election ballot in November.

Lake Wylie is one of the largest unincorporated places when you look at the population. This means that residents pay for improvement by themselves such as the special fire tax district which supports the Bethel Volunteer Fire Department. This kind of funding was also raised for Field Day Park which was funded in part by a county hospitality tax and a recreation tax district set up to support the park.

This new initiative will first establish if the Bethel/Lake Wylie Land Acquisition and Preservation Park District should be formed. The purpose would be to acquire property for conservation, green space, historic restoration, passive recreation and interactive community uses. A cap of $10 million for land acquisition and construction is part of the plan as is an annual expense cap of $500,000.

The 29,000 residents covered by the new tax district are in the same boundaries as the recreation tax area for Field Day Park. Many of these residents have been vocal for many years about a lack of common green space on the Lake. This is their chance to become advocates for the kind of community they want Lake Wylie to be in the future.

If you would like to like to join the community in Lake Wylie and have a say in this important legislation, give us a call  at 803-831-8588 to schedule a private tour of homes. You can view current listings on our website here.

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