Happy 4th and Free Fishing Day

What better time to come enjoy any Lake in North Carolina than on Free Fishing Day. This day happens once per year and is open to anyone, regardless of age, even if you don’t have a fishing license in the state. The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is stocking some of the waters so you have a better chance of catching a fish. To learn more about the event, click here.

The event runs from 12 am until 11:59 pm and is open to everyone even if you are not a resident of North Carolina. There are length and daily possession limits and restrictions on bait and tackle. This event occurs every July 4th, and promotes fishing as a sport. This year, with Covid-19 restrictions, this event is more appealing than ever as you can be socially distanced on the many miles of lakes in the area. Fishing can be done from a boat or from the shore and is great for anyone.

There are bound to be lines at the public boat launches so patience and a good attitude are key to enjoying this event. If you are tired of waiting in line for the public spaces, there are many other smaller lakes sites you can visit that you can look up at www.ncwildlife,org on the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission website.

Another option if you have the means is to purchase a waterfront home on a lake or purchase a property that has private lake access. This way you can enjoy the lake year round and can purchase a fishing license so you can enjoy fishing all year round.

If you are interested in purchasing a home on Lake Wylie or a home that has private lake access, give us a call at 803-831-8588. You can view current listings and create custom searches of listings on our website here.

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