Real Estate Company opens at Lake Wylie

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013 / Updated: Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2013 01:12 PM

Real estate company opens at Lake Wylie

By John Marks –

Don Stephens has decades of experience selling local real estate including two dozen years in the building where he is now, and even he was surprised at what he saw when Lake Wylie Realty opened.

Foot traffic – something increasingly less common in the online world of real estate. Stephens and partner David McCorkle chalked it up to their location’s long history of selling properties along the lake.

“This is a great place to do business,” Stephens said.


The pair recently opened Lake Wylie Realty in what was for years the First Properties of the Carolinas space in the Wilkerson Building. Before that, First Properties was River Hills Realty. Stephens worked for the business under both names, then for another agency when First Properties moved out in 2011.

Now he feels back home in the office that was designed to sell real estate, and at home with an improving selling market.

“We feel like there’s been a turn,” Stephens said.

McCorkle began in residential real estate in 1978 before going into real estate development and planning. Now the lifelong area resident, who built his own home on the lake, wants to end his career where he started it.

“Our main product is going to be waterfront properties in North and South Carolina,” he said. Eventually we’ll get into doing more commercial.”

River Hills, Tega Cay, the Allison Creek area and other spots will make up many of the company’s listings. Already there are listed properties from $200,000 to $1.2 million. McCorkle hopes the “downtown Lake Wylie” location of his office lends to bringing in the right sellers and buyers. He’s also counting on Stephens with his more than 400 waterfront sales.

“We both live on the lake,” McCorkle said. “We both have boats, and we can show properties by land and by water.”

More agents, likely ones already experienced with selling waterfront properties, are planned. Lake Wylie Realty has the online tools and other features of the modern market, but also wants to lean on its strengths by appealing to buyers and sellers looking for something unique.

“We’re not selling homes,” Stephens said. “We’re selling a lifestyle. We say come home to a vacation every night.”

The company is located at 1 Executive Court, Lake Wylie. For more information, call 704-309-1549 or visit


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