Parking Lot Added to Help Belmont Traffic

Parking has recently been a major issue for residents of Belmont as new restaurants and shops have opened downtown but hopefully the addition of a new parking lot will make things easier. City officials recently cut the ribbon on a brand-new, 60 space parking lot. The lot is located on Mill St. right around popular restaurants such as Old Stone Steakhouse and Sammy’s Pub. Taxpayers lease the space for $1700 a month which Manager Adrian Miller hopes will not only keep tax dollars within the town but also help residents really enjoy their nights out.

In recent years, multiple new restaurants have opened that have become popular, which has only increased the demand for parking. Private business used to be lenient on public parking but have recently cracked down on local restrictions, which is what sparked the push to build the new parking lot. Since last year, this is the second new parking lot that has been added. In addition, several private lots have been leased adding 200 spots overall in the last year.

The lot sits in the most congested part of Belmont on what used to be the city’s public works building. Workers had to remove the previous foundation and overall it took about a month to get the lot ready for the public. The city manager has visited the lot and says that while people are still getting used to it, it should definitely ease the difficulty of parking downtown from now on.

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