Pandemic Shifts

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all facets of life as we knew it. Most of our children are no longer in physical school, and most of us are no longer physically going into our jobs. This dramatic shift may have some long lasting consequences. One of the major consequences could be a radical shift in commercial real estate.

Many offices have decided that with their workforce all working from home that they will not need a physical workplace anymore. This change means less overhead for the company, but can come with its own pitfalls if their workforce has to help manage their children’s online education at the same time they are trying to get work done.

Other offices are going to completely re-work how their offices function. They will turn more into meeting spaces with areas for working and collaboration. They can use their budgets that were previously held for business travel to make these changes without needing to take on additional debt.

Many companies are also looking to relocate their offices to places with less population density. This could mean shorter commute times for workers as businesses push out into the suburban areas. It could mean a radical shift in Uptown Charlotte.

It remains to be seen how many of the shifts that have been made due to the pandemic will remain in place once a vaccine is available and life returns to a new normal. Until that time, it will be interesting to see what creative solutions people come up with to make sure they can get everything done.

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