New Belmont Grocery Store Begins Hiring

The newest grocery store in Belmont will not open until the fall but the hiring process has already begun for its potential new employees.

A new Harris Teeter is being built at the Belmont Town Center shopping complex located on South Point Road. Construction started a year and a half ago and the store is finally moving towards completion. Danna Robinson is a spokesperson for the store and has stated that they do anticipate opening in the fall. When the store opens, it will include many amenities such as a Starbucks coffee, pizza bar, sub shop, floral gallery, and Express online shopping.

Hiring has begun for the anticipated 120 new employees for the store, although some will be transfer employees from existing stores. There are full and part-time opportunities in many capacities like stock clerk, baker, and barista.

The actual date of opening will be announced about two weeks before. The company also plans to host an event called “Taste of Teeter” at the Belmont location one day before the grand opening. This will be a pre-opening sample event featuring many of the store’s best products.

In addition to the new store, a 12,000 square foot building next to the new store will also feature restaurants and retailers. These businesses are also planning to open in the fall

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